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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Laptop

Most working people nowadays have at least a laptop in their home. This popular appliance can be quite costly, yet people tend to throw it away prematurely because they simply don’t know how to maintain it properly. Buying a new laptop means having to transfer old files from one hard drive to another, setting it up from the start and installing necessary programs once again. So, to save time and money, let’s stick to these five simplest things to keep the laptop run properly for as long as it can.

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1. Be Gentle With It

Even though the laptop comes with a hardcover, it can be more fragile than you think to it is best to handle I with care to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. When you are in anger, don’t pour it out on your poor laptop or you will be in troubles in there is something with the hard drive (and your precious data). Don’t try to move it around when you are running some heavy programs. Before shutting your laptop (not with force, of course), make sure there are no objects, large or small, on the keyboard or the screen can be damaged. Go easy with removable devices/drives also and store them properly when not in use.

It is highly recommended that you invest in a fitting and good laptop case to keep your laptop whenever you need to bring it along with you. That way, you can avoid scratches or lessen the damage then you accidentally drop it off. A screen protector is also a good idea.

2. Perform Regular Cleaning

Maybe you don’t realize that the laptop is a dirt magnet. Dust bunnies can easily build up inside the laptop. Cleaning the laptop is not just about making it look nice outside but also to prolong the lifespan of hardware and prevent overheating or and other potential issues causes by dust build-up.

It is best that you clean your laptop on a regular basis (once in a month, perhaps) with a laptop cleaning kit and q-tips/a can of compressed air.

3. Stay Updated

Don’t ignore software and system updates because these aim to fix issues and keep your laptop run smoothly. That way, you don’t have to replace your operating system anytime soon or have to ask for technical help.

If you don’t like to see update notification every day, you can set the schedule for software upgrades every two weeks or 1 month.

4. Protect It With Firewall and Anti-Virus Programs

Your laptop can be under security threats when you go to websites with the virus and download files there. Before you know it, your laptop runs slower or you can even lose your personal information.

It is best that you turn on the firewall and install a good (and up-to-date) anti-virus program. Scan your laptop thoroughly at least once a month to detect problems and fix them before it is too late.

5. Upgrade Hardware

When your laptop acts up, it is time consider if you really need more RAM and hardware upgrade. Doing so can cost you some money but it is much better than throwing your laptop away.

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