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Lazada Southeast Asia’s biggest Online Department Store

Lazada has developed one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in Asia with 2,500 specialists state-of-the-art warehouses and delivery fleets ready to bring your products to more than 500 million customers everywhere in Southeast Asia.

A true opportunity for your business now it’s time for you to take full advantage of our network and to benefit from fulfillment by Lazada services but what is fulfillment by Lazada or FPL it means that Lazada takes care of the fulfillment of your orders from A to Z.

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In this post, I will talk about fulfillment by Lazada.

It manages the stocks of your products in the warehouse the picking the packing the shipping and the delivery of your orders you don’t need to worry about operations anymore and you can focus on marketing and top-selling your products how does it work quite easily you create an FPL order whenever you wish to send your products to the warehouse.

Lazada can support you with a pickup service by the way you can also get your products back from the warehouse whenever you want once the products arrive at the warehouse quality specialists check that they are free of any faults or damages after those products are labeled and stored into specific locations including if needed temperature controlled bulky and top security storage areas your products are covered by full insurance you can easily track them with your seller center account.

With any incoming order will be managed by Lazada the products will be picked up from the storage areas packed and the order will be shipped and all this 24/7 you can monitor the status of your orders any time through seller centers with just a mouse-click so what are the key advantages of FPL, first of all, you sell more with FPL our NPS surveys confirm it customers prefer orders managed through FPL.

They receive their orders faster since the products are always in the warehouse ready to be prepared and shipped immediately products are always available because stocks are continuously monitored and out of stock issues are very rare products are checked and well packed according to Lazada standards second, it’s simpler you don’t need to worry about coordinating operations Lazada gives full support and avoids any headaches third MVL is cheaper you don’t need to invest in a bigger warehouse or hire more employees to prepare your orders to coordinate 3pls or manage the stocks this structure is planned and covered by Lazada.

The structure costs are distributed and become lower than having your own operations structure fourth you improve your stock management Lazada monitors your stock and suggests you when and what to replenish this will make sure that you always have your products available and ready to be sold.

It will also help you to optimize your investments and avoid unnecessary purchases so FPL means better structure and lower costs lower prices and better services customer satisfaction higher traffic and higher sales do you want to know more about FPL please contact your vendor manager or our partner support center and learn.

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