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What Is The Best Laptop for Students in New School Year 2017

1. It Had Better Have the Good Monitor and Also Good Speaker

Let’s imagine in your best backpack for college there is the best laptop, how wonderful! Apart from the styling, and configuration, the display monitor is also a factor worth considering. Entertainment, movies, and gaming are intelligibly the uppermost hobbies of most of students and the quality, size, and resolution of the screen will impact rather much when you experience.

But, people almost usually just concern the resolution but do not know that other elements like the display background technology, the amount of pixels, and viewing angle supporting almost importantly impact on the quality of the laptop display.

The display screen of the MacBook actually wonderful with lots of different viewing angles.

In additions, the students also need to note to choose the size of monitor according to the real using demand: the laptops which have the monitors smaller than 11 inches will be easy to bring and move; meanwhile, in order to experience the movies and play games you must need the monitor that have a size from 14 inches on.


ASUS ZENBOOK NX500 with the display that has the 4K resolution gives you the image really wonderful.

Moreover, the touch support monitor is a not bad option since it helps interaction to be easier than traditional keyboard. Among them, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the No. 1 applicant for this title.

Toshiba P50 is one of the laptops having the sound quality vivid

Beside the screen, the quality of sound is also the criteria can be missed especially when the music comes to an essential factor of life. But the today laptops almost have the speaker systems located in the acceptable level, they are loud, intelligible but the detail level canít be compared with the dedicated sound equipment.

2. Guarantee Mode

For the complex, multi-accessories electronic devices like the laptops, although it is a product coming from famous producers, the faults or damages in the process of use can still occur but are not forecasted.

In order to restrict the risks incurred, you ought to select to get a laptop at the laptop official distributors or prestigious retailers. But if you want an old or second-hand one, you must have fixed knowledge on testing the laptop to prevent the case you buy the fake goods with high price.

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Believe that above listed tips can help you to decide the demands and the money you will spend to equip a new laptop. Next, we will also recommend some laptop models matching the major demands of the students. You can refer this content at websites or Facebook fanpage.

Here are helpful suggests for students who are going to get a new laptop in this school year. You know, right when entering the gate of the college, each student needs a laptop. The laptop helps them to do the team essay, homework or simply to search, refer more information to finish the lessons on class. Also with the laptops, students can “stir” highly in extracurricular activities.

3. Brands

laptop for college

And among a variety of laptops on the market, there are some names most suitable for some criteria such as: screen, battery lifetime and use value compared to the price of products.

Analyze all kinds of laptops that run on 3 operating systems: Windows of Microsoft, OS X of Apple and Chrome OS of Google. For prices, those products such as Chromebook have the advantage because of the cheap price but majority of the functions of this device depends on the Internet connection and difficult to work offline effectively.

Being contrary, Macbook with the price that is several times more expensive than Chromebook is highly appreciated thanks to the top hardware and the software supporting students when registering the Apple Education accounts. Then, Window has won the Chrome OS and OS X to achieve the title of “Champion” for the most common level with enough prices from medium to high-end.

The list of the best laptops for students also plus 2 new “members” that are: Surface 3 and Dell XPS 13. If Surface scores with the flexibility and mobility, the Dell XPS 13 is the laptop that knows how to satisfy a lot of different demands of students.

You can read more the list of the laptops with “good value for money” for students that are voted and reviewed by famous website based on various criteria.

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